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Day of Goddess 18th March 2018

About Us

Day of the Goddess is the vision of the artist Redhed Qi who wanted

to create a space for sharing, healing, bsusiness, education and celebration.

Providing a hub of inspiration bursting with creativity. comfortable enough

for old traumas to be let go of, new strengths and dreams realised

& new bonds & support to be formed.

Day of the Goddess is a Co-Creation event, to aid this event to

grow and thrive Redhed Qi joined forces with Aamasade Shepnhki

of Mothership Edutaiment.

Aamasade is a community champiom, artist, musician & an Accredited

Shamanic Celebrant. She brings to the table experience & knowledge in

Facilitation, Consultation, Development, Performance & Training.

Redhed Qi

Aamasade - Mothership Anthem

We are like fuses that fit into the Mothership

If your fuse has blown you can’t complete the circuit

Thoughts have weight, elevate

Dare to dream or visualise in your waking state

That we live in a world of Righteousness, harmony and balance.

It starts with you and me channelling our energy Positively.

I know at times it’s hard

When we’re surrounded by negativity

But we must be strong and stand against the tide of Individuality

We are all inter-connected, related and need to play our part.

This is the Mothership, this is the Mothership, this is the Mothership

Come on, come on, get on board.

Redhed Qi

Performer - Spoken Word -

Dub Poetess - Event Organiser - Hostess

A lot of my work involves addressing women’s issues. I have worked in conjunction with many women refuges, and youth groups.

The people I encounter have a need for guidance, support and encouragement into finding or recognising their niche, being, purpose in life. Some just need reminding of talents they have, but have ceased to exercise or enjoy due to life and circumstances.

“What is better than a platform for the purpose of healing? When you are drawn to your purpose, when you overstand and become a conduit for higher works, you become aware that this amazing gift, this energy, will express through you in various forms with the main goal being healing.”

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