Day of Goddess 18th March 2018


The month of March is International women’s month and of course

The home of Day of the Goddess! The All Inclusive, women only

Celebration day, Edutaining, Vibrant, Creative, Uplifting day of

Complete Oneness.

Day of the Goddess is a day of workshops, speakers, talks and

entertainnment. We work together, laugh together & cry together.

Your afternoon meal and refreshments are all included, we don’t want

anyone left behind.

We have been honoured to have an array of performers, singers, dancers,

workshop facillitators & speakers. Artist exhibiting amazing structures,

journey talkers giving us an insight into their life, market stall holders

selling hand crafted items. We have indeed been fortunate thus far, it is

a true pleasure to bring creatives to the eyes and ears of audiences new.

Currently in our 7th going on 8th year we have more than seen the

benefits of having such an event. The sharing of talent and skill,

connecting dots, lending support. Watching women go from being in the

audience to actually running their own business. We are satisfied.

We aim to tap into & aid you to bring your creative greatness to the

forefront with an amazing energy that you will carry with you for

the rest of the year and beyond.


Sekhmet is one of the oldest forms, or holders, of purification, in human history. She is known as the Lion Goddess of ancient Egypt. And, while most stories reflect her ferocious protection of the Way of Truth, she also is the most Benevolent Mother, Nourisher, and Sustainer of Life.

She is an early Sky Goddess, carrying the canopy of the Stars of Illumination of the Heavens across the Night Sky of her body.

She holds the ancient lineage as Protectorate of the Way, of Ancient Wisdom, of the Virtuous Path. She does not tolerate insolence or impropriety. But she also rewards humility, and those whom serve and make earnest attempt to purify body, mind and soul. And, she teaches the Laws of Protection through pure thought.

It is the nature of the viewer which perceives her destructive or protective potential, which is there only where protection or destruction give way to that most pure, or to new life. Those whom have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear. It is the pure of heart which she protects. That without integrity shall be made whole.

It is the purity itself which is the creative, sustaining, and protective mechanism. It is the strength of uprightness which aligns us with the Greater Potential of Self, where she resides.

She is Keeper of the Power of Sekhem, the Egyptian word for life force (we may be more familiar with the terms with which other cultures use to refer to this, such as Prana, Chi, Kawsay, etc.) She teaches cultivation, utilization, activation, and self regeneration of this life force.

It is said the word Sekhem is derived from her name. It is also said her name is the derivation of "Shakti", the primordial feminine creative life force of Hindu culture, feminine in nature. Therefore, it can be said she is identified with the great primordial Mother of all Beings, of all Life.

It is no simple co-incidence, for instance, that Durga, the Hindu goddess of destruction, an aspect of Shakti, rides upon a tigress or lioness.

It is this power, Sekhem, or Shakti, merged with the masculine seed or creative impulse, which brings forward the Creative Matrix into form and existence.

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